A Guide for Midlife Career Moves

How 9 Women Made Life-Changing Career Moves
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4 Important Things To Consider Before Making A Midlife Career Change

If you want a sturdy foundation for your next steps, this book will give you some ideas. An author, poet, and consultant, Whyte has carved himself an unlikely niche as a sort of workplace bard his other best seller is The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America , also worth a perusal if the sight of your cubicle makes your spirit shrivel every morning.

For calm, philosophical views on success, career ladders, co-worker slights, and other work-related subjects that tend to get us in a tizzy, this is your guy. He is also the only career-advice author I know who quotes from Dante, Emily Dickinson, and Walt Whitman in the span of 20 pages. But then I remembered that several of my past jobs came from out-of-office pursuits — the book club friend who got her company to hire me, the freelance gig that turned into a staff position at a magazine.

Why workers make a midlife career change

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A Guide for Midlife Career Moves

Einstein for this mangled paraphrasing. Co-authors: With experts and amateurs working together, trying to make it all look graceful while the audience alternatively laughs and cries? When you imagine tech careers, you probably first picture someone busily tapping out lines of computer code. Are the stories you tell yourself standing between you and the next great move?

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Take Control of Your Career Path Today

This guide is about career planning and looking for work in midlife. It can help you to move forward, one step at a time, until you are able to see your way ahead . Take stock of your skills, interests, finances and work options so you can make a successful midlife career transition.

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Just as important, do you want to work that hard? Many somethings have a lot of stuff going on in their lives—family, travel, hobbies. You may have to give up some or even a lot of your quality time to do the drudge work of setting up a new business or learning a new set of skills.

Midlife Career Change: How to Make a Smooth Transition

Bottom line on passion: A successful career change requires a sober, practical business assessment as much as it does a heart full of passion. Usually, however, a career change involves taking a pay cut and losing benefits.

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Can you afford that? Do you want the deal with the stress of holding to a tight budget for an unknown period of time?

A Guide to Midlife Career Change

As you get older, health insurance gets to be a bigger worry than salary. Bottom line on finances: Go over your financial strategy with a trusted, competent, professional financial advisor well before pulling the trigger. Even with a carefully thought-out business plan or assurances from a new employer, anything can happen. Changing careers is bound to be stressful in one way or another.

However, trying to escape a career change five years later, with no plan, will be a hundred times more stressful. Bottom line on contingency planning: A well-thought-out plan will help you succeed in your career change by reducing uncertainty.