Nanomaterials: Research Towards Applications

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For liquid and pasty matrices as well as in case of aerosols, human exposure can be assumed to be equal to the total number of nanoparticles applied with the product. Chemical reduction techniques have been extensively investigated in the preparation of platinum nanoparticles because these methods can be implemented under simple and mild conditions, and can be used to prepare nanoparticles on a large scale. Science portal Technology portal. ChemElectroChem , 4 7 , Nanocomposite Nanofoam Nanoporous materials Nanocrystalline material. Applied methods should be demonstrated to be fit for purpose and suited to deliver reproducible results.

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Nanomaterials: A Guide to Fabrication and Applications

Tampere University. Research focus and goals The interaction of light with specifically designed molecules, molecular assemblies, and molecule-semiconductor nanohybrids is investigated experimentally using a range of spectroscopic techniques including ultrafast laser methods and theoretically through computer modeling.

Contact persons Nikolai Tkachenko Professor, team leader nikolai.

NanoMaterials: From Synthesis to Applications

Consequently, products that are partly composed of nanoparticles can have different physical properties compared to other products composed of bulk materials of the same chemical composition. For products of nanoscience technology, there are two important areas of application.

One is the mostly commercially operated branch that designs, researches and improves nano products for commercialization in business and industry. The other is the part that focuses on research and work in the biomedical area. Nanotechnology is referred to as a key technology of the 21st century.

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This is primarily because of the expectation that this technology will answer many pressing issues of our century. Nanoscience is what advances nanotechnology a little more each day. We at PlasmaChem are aware of the size of this task shared by every company in the field of nano industry. That is why we invest a large portion of our resources into research and development in addition to the sale of such products so that nanoscience will turn the hopes placed in it into reality.

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