Something on My Own: Gertrude Berg and American Broadcasting, 1929-1956

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Gertrude Berg October 3, — September 14, was an American actress and screenwriter. A pioneer of classic radio, she was one of the first women to create, write, produce and star in a long-running hit when she premiered her serial comedy-drama The Rise of the Goldbergs , later known as The Goldbergs.

Berg was born Tilly Edelstein in in Harlem, and attended public schools. She married Lewis Berg in ; they had two children, Cherney — and Harriet — She learned theater while producing skits at her father's Catskills Mountains resort in Fleischmanns, New York. She developed a semi-autobiographical skit, portraying a Jewish family in the New York tenements, into a radio show. Less than two years later, in the heart of the Great Depression, she let the sponsor propose a salary and was told, "Mrs.

Berg became inextricably identified as Molly Goldberg, the bighearted matriarch of her fictitious New York family who moved to Connecticut as a symbol of Jewish-American upward mobility. She wrote practically all the show's radio episodes more than plus a Broadway adaptation, Me and Molly It took considerable convincing, but Berg finally prevailed upon CBS to let her bring The Goldbergs to television in Early episodes portrayed the Goldberg family openly and personally struggling to adapt to American life.

Immigrant life and the Goldberg family struggle were familiar and relatable to most families during this point in American history.

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Radio seemed to lend a hand to new settlers and produced a common place to tie nationalism and families together. The program's victory is largely because of the familiar feelings of the American people portrayed in the program's scripts. The first season script was later published into a book form. Berg won the first ever Emmy Award for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series her debut year on the network—her twentieth consecutive year of playing the role—and the show stayed in production for five years. The Goldbergs ran into trouble in , during the McCarthy Era.


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Recent News "Something on My Own": Gertrude Berg and American Broadcasting, (Television and Popular Culture) (): Glenn. "Something on My Own": Gertrude Berg and American Broadcasting, GLENN D. SMITH. Robert J. Thompson Series Editor. Series: Television and.

After sailing across the ocean from New York to London, Paul Starr , Sept. The following is a work of satire.

The Goldbergs - September 12, 1949

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Groundbreaker: Remembering Gertrude Berg

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Remembering Gertrude Berg

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